Factories & Wages


écotorie traces back its supply chain to every material used in its products. Our brand has partnered with factories in Asia that share similar values and ethos as our founders.

Our factories are minutely audited by reputed third party audit bodies like SMETA/SEDEX while our founders do their own internal checks to ensure our products are made in premises that take utmost care of the below 3 criteria. Moreover, our team and our factories are in endless dialogue with each other to improve the social and environment challenges that the fashion industry poses.

Fair trade wage for workers

écotorie’s team spends time and energy to validate that our partner factories provide working necessities to all its workers without cutting corners. The craftsmen are paid fairly as per the legal wage requirements of the local government and we discourage overtime work. On an instance when additional hours of work have been put in, sufficient time records are maintained, and the craftsman are paid 200% their wages to the extra labor.

Worker health and safety

While ensuring our craftsmen are paid fairly, we also ensure that all of them are not subjected to any hazardous environments during the manufacturing process. The manufacturing is equipped with stringent fire safety measures, structural integrity checks as well as provides basic on-site medical assistance in case of emergencies. Machinery and equipment’s are periodically calibrated and maintained to ensure they do not pose a safety risk to the workers. Adequate records are maintained to ensure they are regularly followed.

Environmental protection

Our partner factory imbibes similar values as écotorie. We are proud that they take measures on their part to protect the environment. For example, our partner factories adopt latest energy conserving mechanisms to reduce electricity and heat consumption. For example, sewing machines are retrofitted with power saving technology, heat machines are upgraded to infrared heaters rather than traditional fossil fuel heaters and lighting only uses LED technology that reduces the carbon footprint from the workshop.